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    Nukes security

    Dennis Przybyla Novice

      I have begun to add security to the downloads module and I found it pretty easy to add.

      The only problem that I have found is the downloads module does not show up in the Main Menu for just a user logged in. I actually want it to show up for an anonymous user logged in. Also. the Home link in the Main menu does not show up for a user either only an admin. This is anoying. How can I fix this?


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          Dennis Przybyla Novice

          Well, it took me awhile but I figured it out. You have to add

          <permission group="*" level="READ" pattern="module:downloads:main"/>

          to the menu-block-service.xml file in the nukes/src/resources/services directory. Of course you will want to adjust the permissions to your needs. Also if you have already deployed the Main Menu package you will need to delete the security entry for the Main Menu block and redeploy it. You can also add it to the database in the nuke_services_attributes table. If you do this you have to restart the jboss server to get the new security settings to take place.

          This seems very unconfigurable. Shouldn't this be configurable from within nukes. Is it and I missed it? If not I think this needs to be worked on.


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            the main menu block should use customization like now the HTML menu is doing for the file id.

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              jae Master


              "cooper" wrote:
              the main menu block should use customization like now the HTML menu is doing for the file id.

              can you explain this more? do we still need to edit the menu-block-service.xml file, or can this be done entirely through the module?

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                in BlockSupport you have to methods :

                edit(Page page)
                update(Page page)

                for now the main menu block does not use them but it could, like the html module is doing now.