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    HTML module updated

    Viet Master

      I updated the HTML module with the collection of statistics. These are collected per page and are inserted in the database every hour (by default).

      When you lookup a page in the html list, you can see the hits per page and per version (the most recents).

      You need of course to create the table nuke_filestat which is in setup.xml.

      I have also fixed a bug, when a file was uploaded the previous version was not removed from the cache, which was not cool.

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          Viet Master

          Another update in that module. I refactored the content edition around the concept of plugin. 3 plugins :

          • TextPlugin : which allow text based edition, it's the classic editor we have
          • FilePlugin : the capability to upload
          • LinkPlugin : the capability to create a symbolic link

            Someone asked to add that kind of capability to provide a better HTML editor. It is possible to do that now without having to hack the html module. We should have the capability to hot deploy plugins into the Html module later.

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            g00se Newbie

            I've grepped on various likely candidates in HtmlModule.java and haven't found where this could be happening in the code. I wonder if you can tell me what to search on? Maybe i've got an earlier version? - i'm a newb who's just downloaded this from Sourceforge.

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              Viet Master

              this is in the head version of nukes, so you want to download a dayly snapshot (link is on the nukes project page)

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                g00se Newbie

                OK thanks. This isn't really a priority - i'm really more interested in the ability to upload a directory and am looking forward to your comments in my other thread about that.

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                  Viet Master

                  actually I did it before but I removed the code, you can find it in previous version of the html module.

                  it was possible to add/remove files through the help of a zip file.

                  maybe you can create a plugin for that

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                    joe hobson Newbie

                    Thanks Julien. Sounds like the HTML module has had a nice little update. We very much appreciate the work you put into this... .joe

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                      danvu Newbie

                      There's a bug in the FilePlugin.blank(). The File Id text field name is 'fileid' instead of 'id'. This prevents uploading files because HtmlModule.create() looks for 'id' and throws error message.