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    Nukes CVS status

    Viet Master

      I created a branch for the release 1.0 (i.e branch from Nukes_1_0_0) and I merged the fixes done since 1.0. (mines and sherman's ones).
      That branch is only for bug fixes and will give us a 1.0.x releases with bug fixes. I removed the unused modules from that branch, that's why you need to checkout nukes-1.0 module instead of nukes.

      We consider HEAD as development for 1.1 version for now. We will branch it when it will be out.

      You can retrieve that branch with :

      cvs co -r Nukes_Branch_1_0 nukes-1.0

      The HEAD is still retrieved with :

      cvs co nukes

      To all developers, when you fix a bug in Nukes, take care that the fixes are checked in the branch it can apply to.

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          Howard Pearlmutter Novice

          Thanks, Julien, for giving us a stable branch.

          As of now, it won't build for the simple reason that build.xml is still configured for "modules-most", and the required modules are missing.

          BUILD FAILED
          file:/home/hxp/nukes/branch10/nukes-1.0/build/../tools/etc/buildfragments/targets.ent:690: Basedir /home/hxp/nukes/branch10/nukes-1.0/adminmessages does not exist

          When the modules are copied in, then it builds ok. I hope you will bring the modules back in; what we want here is a stable base (including as much of the modules as feasible) so more of us can do parallel development (and some of us can just get started coding w Nukes ;-)). Don't worry that the modules weren't included in the binary 1.0 bundle or that those modules aren't nice looking or using templates -- the criterion should just be to include whatever doesn't screw-up a clean "edit & build (& install) & run & test" cycle.

          As a less-desirable alternative, modify build.xml, and provide a default target using a reduced module list. But that would give us less to work from.