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    nukes build failed

    harm Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm very interested in JBoss Nukes. And I would like to start helping out.

      First of all, i started checking out the HEAD module (nukes) and started a build. The first time I ran ant it failed. It says the manifest file in nukes/template/src/etc is invalid.
      The second time I ran it, build went just fine... Is it me? Or is something else wrong here?


      Harm de Laat

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          Dennis Przybyla Novice

          I caused this when I had Julien check my changes in. I sent him the changes in a zip file. I think the problem is that the file contains windows linefeeds. If you use cvs and do a checkout using unix linefeeds which you can do with wincvs. I am only guessing here but this seems to be the problem at first glance.