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    [wtd] Offline editing module?

    andrewhearn Newbie


      I'm looking for a module that will work like ContentExpress/PageSetter/Subjects but work in an offline mode.

      This is for a situation where only dial-up access is available for the editors, and only log on to the internet once a day.

      They need to be able to download the articles in the modules, and can then edit/create content. They then need to, somehow, sync their data back to the main web server at the end of the day.

      I'm not wanting the whole web site to work like this, just an 'article' making type module. Any one interested in creating soemthing like this?

      I'm kinda thinking a JAVA app on the client end to download the database, and then provide WYSIWYG editor to create content articles. Then the JAVA app logs back in to the database to sync the content.