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    [news] Limit display

    itchiban Newbie

      I'm searching a solution to display just the last related news.
      Is it possible to solve this problem?


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          jae Master

          can you pls be more specific w/ your question?

          is this specifically related to the news module?

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            itchiban Newbie

            Sorry, it's for the news module.I wish I could display a little part of all my news!
            For instance display the last five news and click to a link to see the old one.

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              jae Master

              so if i understand you correctly, you want to be able to just show the last 5 items, and have a link to "see more"?

              if that's correct, that functionality doesn't exist but could be added in the future.

              right now i'm working on getting all the html into templates (altho i'm a little behind b/c i've been a bit swamped at the day job) and then i'll be working on getting any existing bugs cleaned up.

              once that's complete, i'll start adding new functionality and i'll start a new thread that asks for what features ppl would like. i've already got a few ideas in mind, one of which is offering different types of news "formats" (ie, a slashdot like interface, fark.com like interface, etc).

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                itchiban Newbie

                Thanks for the time you gave me.You have correctly understood what I want and I hope you will implement this features later.