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    Live Forum / Assistent module (discussion)

    Maarten Volders Newbie

      First of all I think the forum module works realy great, but there's still a "but" in my thoughts :).

      Whay I'm missing is a LIVE discussion board, forums are great but sometimes real-time interaction is required. We could all use msn (pardon the ugly word), but I think non of us find this a good solution.

      I think a fine example of this is what Jive Software has to ffer with their Live assistent tool (http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/liveassistant). A realy nifty tool to help improve intranets and stuff. Don't get me wrong, don't you all start buying this program ;). I just want to refere to what we are missing. Perhaps we could make something like that as an opensource module backed by Nukes? So it would be great if you all first took al look at what Jives Live assistent and Messenger has to offer and then share some ideas to build or own FREE module.

      It would be great of all you aout there start talking about what could be the perfect live discussion (also for intranet / sales / ... ) module.

      I'm not sure what the entire vision of NUkes is, but I believe it could become a very could core for Portal sites. The ease of development is amazing.

      And I almost forgot, I would be pleased to take the implementation of this module for my account ;)