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    Template in template

    Maarten Volders Newbie

      I've a question a bout the way Nukes handles templates. Probably some silly questions from those who already know the product

      - is it possible to have a main template with more then 3 columns (left, center, right),
      - what the easiest, not html inline, method to create templates
      - can you attach templates on a specific module and can you change this template with the current user interface

      Please do not respond with just yes or no :) Some input would be great here.


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          Maarten Volders Newbie

          Never mind, found out how to place templates on modules, but sill a question. Can you use the template engine from Nukes but get the data out of the database repostory so that I don't have the .html file on my system???

          Are there any changes on the way so that i can dynamically changes templates at runtime on modules and so ...