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    Nukes Downloads Module has been added to cvs

    Dennis Przybyla Novice

      The nukes module has been added to cvs. All functionality of the postnuke downloads module has been implimented I think. If you find something that has not been implimented please let me know. I think it is production ready but I need other people to test it.

      I have created the mysql setup.xml files only. I need people with other databases to create the setup.xml files for those databases. I will try to look at the ones that already exist and see if I can create them if no one else gets to them.

      I would appreciate it if some of you who have been working with modules longer, do a code review and let me know what I could have done better.

      The downloads module also has 3 block modules which can be deployed using the deploy-components target.

      I also think I made a mistake when I checked in the downloads module. It got checked in at the cvsroot level. I did manage to finally get it checked in where it was supposed to go. It seems like I may get the hang of this one day. Who should I talk to about clearing that problem up?