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    build error "package javax.servlet.http does not exist"

    billbum Newbie


      When I build the source code, I got errors of "package javax.servlet.http does not exist", etc.
      This must be a simple question for you (though I just couldn't find the answer).

      What I have done were as follows:

      * Download nukes-snapshot.tar.gz and expand it into /myworkdir/

      # export JBOSS_HOME=/myworkdir/jboss-3.2.4RC1/

      # export TOMCAT_HOME=/myworkdir/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.16

      # export CLASSPATH=.:$TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib/servlet-api.jar:$TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib/jsp-api.jar

      # cd /myworkdir/nukes-snapshot/build/

      # chmod u+x build.sh

      # ./build.sh

      ==> FAILED

      Could anyone tell me how to build Nukes?
      Many Thanks.