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    poll module revamp


      how is it going ?

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          Dennis Przybyla Novice

          Going ok, It will be the end of the week before a beta is ready. There is less work than the downloads module but I have not been working as hard on it (needed to give my family some time). If you want you can release 1.1 and I will get this done for 1.2 or something like that. Someone was working on the faq module how is that comming?

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            jae Master

            what are we looking at in terms of a wish date for a 1.1 release?

            i should also have a beta release of news ready by the end of the week, but i would also like to slip in database changes if possible so for > 1.1 the "base" table structures are set.

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              Howard Pearlmutter Novice

              Dennis --

              "thepriz" wrote:
              Someone was working on the faq module how is that comming?

              Yeh, I said that I was happy that you picked Polls because I was making some changes to FAQ... but that's not because I was doing anything intended for 1.1 release.

              If you get done with Polls and have time to do FAQ before 1.1, please do it.

              My changes have zero to do with the front-end stuff (stripping out inline html, moving to templates, etc, or the jsr-168 impl) you guys are currently working on. My changes are 100% concerned with moving the backend to pure-CMP, with automatic pk generation, automatic table create/alter/delete, etc. After I successfully did this with Quotes (which has no CMR), I picked FAQ because it has the amount of CMR that I want to tackle next, and it seemed to be a "backwater module" that noone was paying any attention to (when I dont have CVS RW yet, I try to work where noone else is making frequent changes). But I've run into a tricky CMR-unknownpk-xdoclet interaction that I haven't had time to solve or to ask for help on; soon I'll write up this issue so the CMP/CMR/XDoclet gurus can tell me whether this is a bug in 3.2.3 ...or in xdoclet ...or I'm doing something stupid 8-).

              So my FAQ changes are really just part of some early (proof-of-concept) legwork on what will become a pretty massive change in the whole nukes backend (not just because it will elimate all the database-specific setup.xml/DDL/SQL garbage, radically simplify installation, and ease schema evolution, ++)........ but it will be quite awhile before it's time to commit it into HEAD. So, if someone makes changes to FAQ for 1.1, or before I get to commit my stuff, that's fine, go for it -- I'll merge my work in later.

              Anyway, I dont want to get you guys distracted with this stuff -- until after you've got 1.1 out ;)

              -- Howard