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    JSR 168

    Sherman Wood Apprentice

      Given the state of the JSR 168 code that Julian gave us, I think it will be pretty easy to do the tags, so I will take that on. Will keep you updated.

      I think it is time to create a "JSR 168" or "Nukes 2.0" branch or module in CVS. I would prefer a branch, but the funky module structure of JBoss CVS may mean that it would be better to use a module. Julian - can you make the call one way or the other?



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          Viet Master

          I will send you an archive of what I have now. I have began to create a nukes skeletton as well that displays a portlet with a theme (really basic the portlet says hello).

          Anyway the taglib is pretty independant of the current job implementation I think.

          I will commit by the end of the week the stuff I have. For the CVS I don't know if we will branch or not.

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            Noel Rocher Apprentice

            Hi Julien,

            Can you send me this archive too ?