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    Context interface, DelegateContext impl

    jae Master

      I apologise, unfortunatly the English language does not have a generic/neuter gender.

      But, the rest of my comment stand as is though.

      There is a "READ THIS FIRST" that tells you exactly what you should provide
      when making a post and provides a link to FAQs and the WIKI.
      There is also a documentation link where there is a getting started guide,
      and a whole forum "the beginners forum" for newbies who want to ask inane

      There is also a search function at the top of this page that can be used
      rather than bothering people with the same old questions.

      It is not about being clever, it is about trying to turn these forums into
      a useful resource for developers (many ignore it because it is full of useless
      posts like this one). Certainly, the search index is practically unusable
      because the insightful posts are drowned out by this type.

      In most other open source forums, you would probably just have been ignored
      and wouldn't know why.
      Maybe you believe that ignorance is preferable to being corrected?