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    weird cmp error, any ideas?

    jae Master

      i've got an abstract entity bean that defines a few columns that are common to all the news tables. (create_date, ip).

      the getter/setter method for the create_date field gives me no issues. however, it seems that if i have a column name called "ip" and i try to retreive the field, it tells me "method not known as cmp accessor" - but i don't understand why. the beans deploy w/o any spec violations, and i can successfully insert data into the table.

      in any case, calling the column name "ip_addr" (and perhaps that i wrapped the getter method w/ another to remove the need to invoke the getter method from outside the bean) seems to have addressed the issue, but i'm at a loss as to what the problem is. tracing in the logs doesn't seem to turn up anything useful either (at least as far as i can tell).

      any ideas?

      p.s. this does mean that the db tables for news now change :)