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    How to reset datascroller position on reRender?


      I am using ExtendedDataModel to do pagination backed by hibernate DAO.

      I am using 01-07 3.1.4 snapshot

      See http://jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=125952
      for a detailed example.

      I have a search that rerenders a <rich:tabPanel>

      The first tab contains a search form and the second contains the search results.

      The datatable and the datascroller are both on the results page.

      I rerender the entire panel.

      This works great, but if I scroll to a page and then search again, the scroller tries to pull results from the previous page number which might not contain any results.

      The scroller, datatable, and totals summary all refresh correctly, but the current page is always the one from the previous search.

      If the page number exists in the search then all is well, but if it does not then the numbering in the scroller is correct, but no results are shown, and not page number is has a line over it.

      All datascroller navigation still functions correctly.