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    Modules under GPL?

    joe hobson Newbie

      I've worked with some open source stuff in the past but never really took time to understand the licensing terms until the last few weeks. I started wondering about JBoss and Nukes and how those fit into open source licensing. The JBoss site explains that the JBossAS is licensed under LGPL (good news). Although i can't seem to find anything direct on the Nukes project pages I did notice the GPL at the beginning of the Nukes installer when i last re-installed it.

      And then i found this discussion from back in February where someone else was wondering about the licensing of Nukes and modules...

      So getting to my question (eventually) - if i write a module that i run under Nukes, will i have to put it under GPL and offer the source to anyone that wants it? What about a portlet, in the next version of Nukes? It seems to me that module would have to be open but a portlet could be licensed under different terms since it wouldn't rely solely on Nukes to run (could be run in other portals).

      If anyone understands the legalities, please enlighten us all... .joe