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    Problem with news backend


      Hi guys,

      I am translating the 1.0 news scheme into the current one.

      There is a problem concerning the size of the text in the new scheme: everything is limited to 250 char.

      it would be preferable to use a "text" type for summary and ext_text.


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          jae Master

          that's the value the standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml file (in the conf directory) specifies, altho the postgres mappings do specify "text" - i wonder if the mysql value should be updated to match that.

          in any case, i'll just create an entry for that sql-type in each of the properties files in the "build/etc" dir and update the xdoclet tags accordingly.

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            jae Master

            this is fixed. pls update against the tag or via the pre-compiled package (again, see thread in users forum).

            it'd be great if you could make your conversion scripts available for others when your done!

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              Here is the sql statement I used:

              insert into nuke_news_stories (state,story_id,summary,ext_text,title, views,create_date,author_id,topic_id)
              select pn_state,pn_sid,pn_hometext,pn_bodytext,pn_title,pn_counter,pn_time,pn_uid,pn_topic from nuke_stories, nuke_users
              where nuke_users.pn_uname=nuke_stories.pn_informant;

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                I have a little problem with the news topics:

                I fed the nuke_news_topic by hand (I mean not via nukes interface) and the topics are not counted in the news admin page (but they appear in the Topics page).

                The new archived/queued/published state for the news is nice.

                Would it be possible to add an access to the archived (previous) stories?
                (or maybe the notion archived is not good for me because I would like to allow my users to search/browse all the available stories, but restricting the current stories displayed to a minimum (else it takes too much time to load and to

                Would it be possible to have a block with most visited stories?

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                  jae Master

                  hrm - not sure how you have topics appearing on the topics page, but not in the admin interface. it's the same code - what state did you create them with?

                  the other things you mentioned fall under the "feature request" category and are planned for future releases.

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                    Problem fixed.

                    The state was 0 (default value).

                    I set it to 1 and now the topics are counted fine.

                    It would be nice to put a default value that is either published or archived.


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                      jae Master

                      you can't establish default values for columns when the tables are created via cmp, so you have to handle setting that value yourself if you do a manual insert.

                      adding topics through the site handles this w/o issue.

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                        It does make sense.

                        I am thinking about creating a deadline countdown module in July to train myself to cmp.
                        (A module that displays a list of days to go before some conference deadlines).