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    Template Module update

    joe hobson Newbie

      When i started looking at Nukes a few months ago and wanted to quickly see how to create my own module, the template module was very helpful. It gives a quick & easy introduction to .tpl template files, basic module operations, and i18n resource files. I've heard talk that Nukes will be moving away from tpl files and towards jsp as the display. Also, there's a big push towards pure-CMP for backend data. It would be nice if we could update the template module to include the latest trends. Of course since I'm still new to this, when i say "we could update..." i have to mean someone other than "me".

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          jae Master

          jsp support won't happen until nukes 2.0 which will have the portlet implementation.

          i did setup a wiki page w/ instructions on how to convert a module to the pure cmp solution. i don't have time to update the template module right now (i'm focused on getting 1.1 out the door), but if you wanted to try and follow the wiki instructions and do the update yourself, that would be great!