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    Nukes in French

    Arnaud TESSIER Newbie

      We are interresting to translate Nukes messages and some module in French. We have seen some echange with this subject.
      How work the language selection in Nukes (user information, browser selected,...) ?
      what are the Resource_xx_xx.properties files located in some directories ?

      thanks !!!

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          Viet Master

          you are welcome to work on that translation, however there are some things to do before translating : I mean cleaning these files first to remove unused and avoid cross references between the modules resource files. Are you ready to work on that first ? if yes we will give you all the help you need to work on that.

          btw the files are located in some_module/src/resources/nukes-xxx-lib-jar/......./Resource_xx_xx.properties

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            Arnaud TESSIER Newbie

            OK tell me.

            you say "cross references", is that mean there some label define in one module resource file use by another one ?

            How work the langage selection ? user pref. or/and global variable ?

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              Viet Master


              language selection is based on HTTP headers sent by the browser but this could be changed to something else (like a user preference)