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    Bean Management

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      I am currently working on getting Nukes to support Microsoft SQL Server, as required for my project, and am down to (hopefully) one final problem. It doesn't have a data type for longblob which the file content is stored as. My solution is to chunk the file data and store it as several entries into the database and subsequently retrieve said data when needed. My problem is that I do not know where to place my method. I want to override the FileEJB getter/setter for content but am not entirely familiar with the inner workings of ejb and xdoclet. The class is abstract, but I can't find any other class that extends it. Does anyone know where I can add my methods where all file handling is processed? Or if anyone knows of a simpler solution, I would be eager to here that as well.

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          Viet Master

          You are in EJB CMP 2.x land here. The implementor of these abstract method is the EJB container itself. When it is deployed the container provide an implementation of all the abstract get/set on the EJBs.

          We advise you not to modify Nukes source code in that place but instead use the "IMAGE" type.

          The JBoss cmp file says to use IMAGE as type in MS SQL Server, look at $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/conf/standardjboss-jdbc.xml