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    Seeking vendors-developers for building web site

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      We started a non-profit this past fall with the mission of bringing high quality news and information from around the web to the public, and are seeking proposals from vendors interested in developing the site.

      Besides placing emphasis on accuracy, fairness, depth and context in the stories we include, the non-profit will be oriented towards making the world a better place by focusing on important topics and constructive themes. We aim to attract a large audience over time, and think the site will be a feather in the cap of whichever company develops it.

      We are interested in an open source solution - either CMS or portal, and think Nukes on JBoss might be a good fit for our needs. For more information on the project, please go to this link - http://dailys.info/ - where you will find the RFP, front-page mockup and related files.

      Prior to preparing a proposal, we think it would make sense to let us know in several paragraphs (or more) how the approach youÂ’re thinking of would handle our layout and workflow needs (see the RFP sections on Collecting and Managing Content and Editing/Publishing, plus the Layout Options file) - or how the CMS might be customized to handle those needs. A link to your website - or basic information like skills, experience and portfolio - would also be helpful.

      That way we can let you know if we think it makes sense to submit a proposal and proceed accordingly. If you wish to proceed in a different way - feel free to suggest what you think is best.

      We will be accepting proposals until at least the end of June 26, and might be able to wait longer if you need more time.

      We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested. Please also feel free to let us know if there are questions you have.


      Peter Dunn

      contact (at) dailys.info

      25 Stearns Rd.
      Watertown, MA 02472

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          joe hobson Newbie

          Interesting idea for a site. I hope you get some good proposals. Just wanted to drop a tip for you - if you don't get any proposals that you're happy with you might consider posting the project to one of the freelancer boards and see what bids you get. My edu organization has used Elance recently (http://www.elance.com) and we've been pretty happy with what we've got out of it and the price we've paid. It's an open bid system and you choose based on bidder price, reputation, and proposal. No money changes hands until you're satisfied with the work, and the fees are paid by the bidder. Worth a try if you need some help... .joe