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    new user information field

    stephanie lebreton Newbie


      i'm trying to add new user information field (like pn_uname or pn_email...).
      i changed the UserEJB, add the tags fo Xdoclet, run Xdoclet and packaging,
      i deploy the module... (i use the jbossIDE tutorial)
      but my new field is not added in the database and nukes doesn't run (nothing appear in the browser)

      can anyone describe a step to step way to had a new field?
      describe the Xdoclet and packaging configurations?
      tell me what file to change?

      i dont know where to find the problem...pfff...


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          Viet Master

          you should update the table by hand with an alter table statement.

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            stephanie lebreton Newbie

            now I want to make this new field appear in the "change your info" page.

            I look at the UserModule class, the editUser method, the resources.properties files, but i don't know how this works... :/

            Can anyone tell me what to do, what part of the source i should looking at?

            thanks in advance.

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              jphautin Newbie

              Hi everybody,

              I think 'patching' the 'nuke_user' table is not the right way to do it. First,
              I think Nukes core could deliver us a way to add some user information. In fact, most of new modules will need to add information in the nuke core tables. Nuke core do not provide a way to do it so patching is needed. But, when I was looking for a solution, I tried to minimize change in the core of Nuke.
              For now, I made a nuke_extended_users Table/EJB which I use for my own module to store my user properties.
              Then I have to patch the nuke_users page template to add a link to a new page I made which contains my extended field form and use my EJB.
              No need to change anything in the nuke core, only modification in the template.

              To conclude, It could be fine if the core got the list of installed module and add link for each module in the user template if needed. It means add a property in the module interface to specify if this module need to be linked in the user page. If so, Cooper could define the standard way to access to the module user properties page (define an name to show properties user page for the module ?) and make the change in the user module to generate the needed links.

              Best Regards,