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    fyi: new build changes checked in

    jae Master

      just as a heads up, i've checked in some new build changes so the next time you do an update against the HEAD, you local.properties file will be overwritten w/ the one from "build/etc".

      new changes include:

      - bean shell scripts are now auto-generated against the setup.xml file in each of the database dirs under "resources" (this will be most beneficial to hsqldb users).
      - datasources are now (mostly) tokenizable
      - prepare.ddl for mysql tokenizable
      - more properties have been defined in local.properties and the corresponding database properties files

      the benefit of tokenizing the datasources (and prepare.dll mysql) now means that users can just tweak the values in the .properties files to change the database connection url, nukes user/passwd (except in the case of hsqldb, which shouldn't be used for production anyways).

      i haven't promoted the RC2 tag for this, and most likely will not. these will get lumped into the RC3 release, which will be coming shortly.