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    Translation to Chinese

    Peter Wang Newbie

      Dear Julien Viet,

      I have finished a Chinese translation to Nukes and tested it. Could you let me know where I can put the source code?


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          Xiaogang Cao Newbie

          peter_wang? are you the owner of www.jboss.com.cn ?
          shameless thief ... who steal a lot of materials from jboss site , and in the site state jboss is a department of your 'infortone'? and you give it a new name as 'infortone jboss'?

          laugh ...

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            Frank Wang Newbie

            We are waiting for Marc's reply to my proposal regarding join-force to push JBoss into China. It's still a beta-site, we will updated it and become a part of JBoss global resource.

            All those unicode issues with Nukes are pretty much resolved and is going to commit into the Nukes soon.