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    New contributor

    Thomas Heute Master

      i am joining the development of Nukes so i thought a little introduction could be nice.
      I pretty much come from PHP for web development (currently writing the 3rd edition of a book in french about it) even though i worked on different projects in Java/J2EE.

      Giving some of my free time (i am currently unemployed looking for a job in US) let me contribute to this interesting and skyrocketing growth project and keep myself up to date with latest Java technologies.

      Concretely i am currently working on the support of attached files in the forum. At the same time i am working on fixing some bugs i can meet. I have my hands deeply inside the forum so if you are aware of bugs about it please let me know or better, use the bug tracking system on sourceforge.

      I wish you all a good time and happy {PLEASE_INSERT_WHATEVER_YOU_WANT} !

      Thomas Heute
      Modest contributor of the Nukes on Jboss project