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    Fishing for advice in building a new theme



      I'd like to create a new theme for my department's home page. I've aleady looked at the "tutorial" but it doesn't provide any advise on building the theme class.

      I realize there's an assumed knowledge when playing with open source, but I'm new at using Ant and was wondering if somebody could suggest an approach to building the theme class. For example:

      1. Should I create my own directory structure under the primary "nukes" sub-directory or create my own?

      2. Should I try to create a new build file or simply copy an existing one and modify?


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          I got on speed by copying the "template" directory including all of it's structure (inkl. build.xml etc).

          After that I renamed all occurences of nukes-template to the choosen name of my theme (cybercon).

          I amended the jboss-service.xml to reflect my needs:

          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <!DOCTYPE server>
           <arg type="boolean" value="true"/>
           <attribute name="Id">jar:/theme.html</attribute>
           <attribute name="Root">org/jboss/nukes/addons/themes/cybercon</attribute>

          After that, have a look into the ThemeTemplate Class mentioned in the jboss-service.xml (You'll find it under the nukes/src.. directory). There a template-file is loaded containing several templates (embraced by the comment style markers the nukes tpl uses).

          Just amend these file to your needs. (Copy the theme.html found under nukes/src/bin/nukes-lib-jar/org/jboss/nukes/core/themes/imagic/theme.html for example and amend) into the style directory goes the css under the images go images you'd like to hard wire into your theme. I would recreate the same directory structure you find here in your renamed template dir.

          There may be some step's I left out because I just write this down from memory, so don't hesitate to ask, I'll try to recall then.

          Cheers and good look,