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    News module

    Thomas Heute Master

      FYI I am totally rebuilding the modules news.
      -> Command design pattern
      -> Fixing lot of bugs
      -> Modifying the language resource (keys and values)

      In the purpose of:
      -> Cleaning code
      -> Ability to add interceptors
      -> Better customization
      -> Easier to translate (less unused keys)

      In a middle term, i would like to add:
      -> Atom support for feeds and editing news 'offline'
      -> Email notification (will be easy thanks to the interceptors)
      -> Two kind of display, blog type (news from a specific user) and news type (all news of all users together)
      -> Support of BBCode in writing news
      -> Fancy Javascript editor as optional tool (i found free to use code a while ago, i hope i can find it again, it's a pain to make this kind of thing work on most of the browsers)

      Let me know your thoughts, features you would like to see... I am less interested in bug reports for now as everything is changing. It may not be relevant, but feel free to let me know.

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          jae Master

          i was planning on working on the news module again once i was a little more settled into my new job, but i guess can take over maintanence of some other module once my schedule becomes a little more concrete and i have time to contribute again.

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            Thomas Heute Master

            Oups... i am sorry, i took care of this module as it is a very useful one, i didn't mean to push you out. I know Kevin and you worked on it but both found a job and became too busy, i probably should have ask you first.

            Well, i will finish the current thing i am working on (create commands) and commit everything then if you want you can take the relay. I may work on Nukes 2 instead then as i already started a little bit and see for other module(s) depending on time.

            In 10 days i am going to US (DC area) from France to look for a job and interview with recruiters (i need to eat as everybody). Even though i will still contribute, it may not be as regular as in the past weeks, i will see how it goes.

            Anyway, I will commit something clean before leaving and won't stay without news for long, i take my computer with me and will have broadband Internet connection.

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              jae Master

              it's ok - i have every intention of coming back to the project and making contributions again, but right now things are still a little "unorganized" and i haven't really settled into a
              schedule/groove just yet.

              best of luck on your job search. i may (i have to check if i saved them) have some information for recruiters in that area. if i do, i'd be more then happy to pass that contact info over to you. does the email address in your profile work?

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                Thomas Heute Master

                There is room for everybody to work on Nukes i think :)
                I know you contributed to Nukes for a while now.

                Yes the email works, that would be very nice to have those contacts.


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                  jae Master

                  agreed - i just want didn't want anyone to think i "fell off the planet" b/c i haven't been around much lately.

                  i also sent you over the contacts that i have for that area. hopefully one of them will be able to help you out. would you consider the new york city area as well, or are you only looking in dc?

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                    Thomas Heute Master

                    Only DC area for now. (or any great opportunity)
                    Thanks again for the contacts if i extend my research i will let you know.

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                      Thomas Heute Master

                      I updated the files in HEAD with Command patterns, fixed a brunch of bugs and added lot of error handling.

                      We still need to work on simplifying the workflow, i had to hack some. It makes the code ugly.

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                        jae Master

                        i had some aspirations of trying to integrate the commons validator in to handle some of the error handling. perhaps that would help simplify some of the workflow as well.