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    Can users be deleted?

    Matthieu Chase Heimer Newbie

      Short of manually updating the db is there a way to delete(not just disable) users? I'm asking because I'm going through and setting up the relationships in the downloads EJBs and was wondering if I needed to handle null users or setup cascade deletes...

      I'm hoping there isn't a way to delete a user or if there is their user id gets assigned to some annoymous user.....



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          Thomas Heute Master

          Good question. As of today there is no way to delete a user (neither the admin can or the user himself).
          It may be a problem some laws may require that a user can self-unsubscribe with his personal info deleted, but what should we do of the files he put for download, news he submitted, messages in the forum...

          Cascading delete is too much i think, it would mean that all his posts and answers by others to his post would be deleted.

          userid set to anonymous could be nice. But what i am thinking right now is to have 2 commands:
          1) the disable stuff for the admin (that just put the disable flag)
          2) a 'delete' action that deletes his email info, ICQ info, address...

          The advantages i see are that a disable user can be reenabled while a deleted one can't, in the admin panel the deleted user shouldn't exist, like a zombie in the database.

          It would mean adding a 'deleted' flag in the table.

          Changing the id to anonymous might be a better idea, actually i like it more :) Plus it solves the right to privacy as all the posts of the guy would become anonymous.

          Keeping only the 'disable' option is acceptable situation if someone needs cascading-delete it would be very easy for him to do so.

          Just some thoughts to discuss about...

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            Viet Master

            the problem with deleting user is the coexistence with other modules, what should be done with post that are related to that user for instance ?

            we need to think about it. or think that a user related to something may not exist.

            that's why there is enable/disable for a user.

            now if you want to delete an user, you can do it in the database, but what about all the post he did in the forum for instance ? the CMP engine will not be able to load the related user because the PK is invalid.

            Maybe not delete the row but put the info : enabled/disabled/deleted