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    Translation problem

    Arnaud TESSIER Newbie


      I want to translate Nukes 1.1 in French. I create files Resource_fr.properties in each module. I use a french version of EI and I set the attribut in "Change Info" to French. But the french resource file is never call.
      Any idea ?


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          Thomas Heute Master

          I could be wrong but i think that the user preference does not change the localization (but should, let's call that a bug)

          If you change your browser preference to French it should work though, as it is based on the HTTPRequest received by Nukes.

          PS: i changed (and didn't finish) the property file in News for 2 reasons:
          1) i think that StoryNotAvailable is easier to read that _STORYNOTAVAILABLE,
          2) in the property file there are lot of sentences non used and don't worth the work of translating.

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            Thomas Heute Master

            Sorry i misread your post i thought you tried to change info in Nukes, i guess you meant IE (Internet Explorer)

            I will try later.

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              Thomas Heute Master

              You are right, there is a bug. I don't have time right now to really fix it but it's on my TODO list now.

              But here is a patch to fix it, for now.
              As you see it will only works for US and French.
              This patch allows Nukes to display English or French depending on clients settings. Typically your IE in french should use the french resource file while another client with US settings would use the US one.

              Index: CoreModule.java
              RCS file: /cvsroot/jboss/nukes/nukes/src/main/org/jboss/nukes/core/modules/core/CoreModule.java,v
              retrieving revision 1.73
              diff -u -r1.73 CoreModule.java
              --- CoreModule.java 6 Apr 2004 10:57:43 -0000 1.73
              +++ CoreModule.java 27 Aug 2004 20:04:44 -0000
              @@ -93,6 +93,7 @@
               Locale locale = Locale.US;
              + locales.add(Locale.FRENCH);
               bundles.put(locale, new ResourceBundleAggregator(locale));

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                Arnaud TESSIER Newbie

                Thank you, it's work.


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                  john doe Newbie

                  Thanks too for the trick !
                  Will someone be kind enough to send me FRENCH properties files ?

                  If course I can contribute too, let me know.

                  Quelqu'un sera-t-il assez aimable pour m'économiser la nième traduction des fichiers properties en français ?


                  Thanks in advance