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    Nukes, MySQL and Transactions

    Matthieu Chase Heimer Newbie

      After figuring out how Nukes starts transactions and adding a little transaction handling to the downloads module I remembered a problem I experienced once upon a time with MySQL and transactions. From what I recall MySQL's default table type, MyISAM, doesn't support ACID transactions and with MySQL you're required to use the InnoDB table type to get transaction support. Since there is there doesn't appear to be any mention of MySQL tables types in any of the Nukes documentation I was wondering if anyone knows if rolling back transactions works under Nukes 1.1 and MySQL with the default table type.....



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          it depends of the table type :-)

          actually we use innoDB for website otherwise it can become corrupted with the transaction volume we have.

          we recommand using innoDB of course

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            Matthieu Chase Heimer Newbie

            I thought it should be InnoDB but just wanted to check, thanks.

            That raises the question though, should the ddl's and the installer be configured to specify a TYPE = InnoDB for all the CREATE table statements. Can we specify a table type with jbosscmp-jdbc.xml for the CMP modules or would it have to be a ALTER TABLE command inside of <post-table-create>? I'm thinking that we'd have db portability issues if we went that route....

            Or should the Nukes installation instructions just tell people to change MySQL's default table type to InnoDB?