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    User Management

    Dennis Przybyla Novice

      I was just wondering if someone was working on a user management module for nukes just like the one in Postnuke?

      It seems to me the only way to add users is to use the "create one" option on the login box. Is this true?

      If this is true we should think about doing this. Some sites need the ability to add and remove users without the user doing it himself. For example, I have a site with genealogy on it. I only want to allow my family to be able to log on to the website and I don't want anyone else being able to create an account. By the way this is only an extream example. Or the fact that we have a site that is used on an intranet as a way for employees to comunicate ans share data. As people come and go the site administrator would want to enable/disable accounts but not let users just create an account themselves.