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    compatibility w/ 3.2.4 working, kind of...

    jae Master

      i currently have the core deploying into jboss 3.2.4 and am able to pull up the site w/o any issues. i haven't tried any of the modules yet b/c it looks like there is some kind of compilation issue w/ those.

      undeploying and doing hot deployments of the core is another issue, those give lots of exceptions (one of which is that weird class not visible exception i mentioned in the other thread).

      i ended up enabling reverting back to the original version of the LifeCycleInterceptor and re-integrated w/ the help of more verbose jboss debug statements. it appears that the LifeCycleInterceptor needs a constructor w/ only an MBeanInvoker argument (no more MBeanInfo required).

      it also appears that the ModelMBeanAttributeInterceptor class is no longer used (the implementation is empty) and the ModelMBeanInfoInterceptor which it extends does not have a constructor to take the an MBeanInvoker arguement.

      i'll investigate this further over the next couple of days. if anyone wants my changes to the core to explore on your own, please let me know.

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          Thomas Heute Master

          About the "not visible via the class loader". I have the same trouble when i redeploy nukes.ear in the original version (with JBoss 3.2.3 i mean)

          So the problem may not be an update problem. I never took time to look any further so i don't know what is wrong. Each time i make modification on nukes.ear i need to restart JBoss. (a pain)

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            jae Master

            hrm - i don't remember if i ever got that error or not in 3.2.3, i'll have to go back and recheck to see if i did and just never paid attention to it.

            in any case, it's a start in the right direction - if the rainy weather sticks around for the weekend i'll be able to invest more then the 2 hours at night i currently have during the week - although i do need to balance that w/ my current desire to get a nukes website up and running on my raq4.