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    JBoss Nukes and JBoss 4.0

    Sherman Wood Apprentice

      With the new JBoss release, I was wondering what the upgrade path for Nukes will be now. I know jae and others are looking to get Nukes working under 3.2.5, but what is the path to JBoss 4.0?


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          jae Master

          i'm going to try deploying the changes i've made for 3.2.5 compatability into 4.0 to see what happens.

          i still have to track down the cause of some exceptions that are being thrown but don't seem to be preventing the code from executing. i'm not sure if they were errors that were always there and i'm just seeing them now b/c of the level of debug i have turned on (i need to go back and check against 3.2.3) or if there is an actual problem.