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    Nukes 2.0 build error

    leefig Newbie

      Hi all,

      Firstly I am new to jboss and nukes so please forgive me for asking a daft question.

      Firstly, I am trying to build nukes 2.0 against jboss 4.0 source and get java build errors. So, what jboss source version do I need to build nukes 2.0 successfully?

      Also, what is the main difference between 1.1 and 2.0? I mean is 2.0 sufficiently stable to develop against or is it necessary to use 1.1.


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          Viet Master

          can you post what does not work for building ?

          nukes 2.0 is a revamp of the portal infrastructure, for now it has only portal and portlet capabilities and does not have all the modules builtin nukes 1.1 yet.

          actually the next milestone is about porting nukes 1.1 modules to 2.0

          I think it is not yet reasonnable to use 2.0 for developement unless you are developping jsr-168 portlet.

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            leefig Newbie

            Thanks for that... I think in that case I will use 1.1 for the time being.

            I have built JBOSS (versions 4.0.0 RC0) from source. Set my JBOSS home to the built output.

            Then I have attempted to build from source Nukes 1.1 but get the following kind of errors:
            [execmodules] C:\Java\nukes-1.1.0-RC3-src\nukes-1.1.0-RC3-src\nuke
            \jboss\nukes\component\NukesBuilder.java:14: cannot resolve symbol
            [execmodules] symbol : class MBeanAttributeInterceptor
            [execmodules] location: package interceptor
            [execmodules] import org.jboss.mx.interceptor.MBeanAttributeInterc
            [execmodules] ^
            [execmodules] C:\Java\nukes-1.1.0-RC3-src\nukes-1.1.0-RC3-src\nuke
            \jboss\nukes\mx\LifeCycleInterceptor.java:12: cannot resolve symbo
            [execmodules] symbol : class Invocation
            [execmodules] location: package interceptor
            [execmodules] import org.jboss.mx.interceptor.Invocation;

            Is there a problem with compatibility with JBOSS 4 source?

            So in a nutshell, what source versions of both JBOSS and Nukes do I need for a successful build?

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              Viet Master

              nukes 1.1 works with jboss-3.2.3

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                leefig Newbie

                Ah, I see.
                Forgive the stupid question but do I need a particular version/release candidate of JBOSS?
                Thanks for that.

                Out of interest what are the function highlights in 4.0 that are missing from 3.x? Just curious as the download sizes significantly are different. I guess there could be some 3rd party stuff only shipping with 4.0