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    JBMAIL Build and Deploy Errors

    Danny Thornton Novice


      I've grabbed the daily snapshot of nukes and done a build and deploy. I want to test receiving e-mail replies in the forums so I included jbmail in my build and deploy. jbmail gets a build error however and fails to build.

      In NukesForumMailPoster,java, line 185:
      cmd.quote = false;
      quote is no longer part of ReplyCommand.

      Same thing goes for
      cmd.mode = ReplyCommand.MODE_COMMIT;

      I did the build on a couple of different snapshot and got the same error both times.

      After commenting those lines of code out, everything built. However, the generation of the ejb-jar.xml file only partially generates so still no luck deploying.

      Is anyone working on jbmail? Is it possible for whoever is working on it to maintain it enough to be in sync with the rest of the build and make it deployable?