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    New bbmailposter Module Added To CVS Head

    Danny Thornton Novice

      I've added the bbmailposter module to CVS head. This is a replacement for the jbmail module so jbmail can now be deprecated. The module was renamed because jbmail implies the module has something to do with jboss mail which it does not.
      The bbmailposter module will get e-mail from a pop3 account and post it to the message forums. There are rules of course about what email it will post to the message forums.
      The bbmailposter module uses the mail account that is configured in the mail-service.xml file in the deploy directory.


      If the bbmailposter module is deployed it will process and get rid of all messages in the pop mail account configured in mail-service.xml. This might not be good for a personal email account.

      The jboss-service.xml file for the bbmailposter has the following attributes: This file will need to be set with your prefences before bbmailposter is deployed.







      There are currently three levels of email verification for the bbforumposter module.

      The first level of verification is by member e-mail address only. This does not prevent e-mail address spoofing or virus spamming from a user. This is the easiest to get going with.

      The second level is a reply hashing scheme. This provides security on replies but not newly posted email messages. Also the mail server has to be configured so all e-mail of the form x-y@yourdomain.com goes to a single email account. The x and the y are message and user ids that are different for every e-mailed forum message.

      The third level is digital signature verification. This has not been implemented yet.

      I could also do a wiki on how to use bbmailposter if someone wants it.


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          Danny Thornton Novice

          Whoops, here are the attributes again for the jboss-service.xml file.

          attribute name="CheckMailFrequency" description="The number of seconds to wait before checking for new mail." 1200

          attribute name="ReplyHashVerificationEnabled" description="Use a hash verification scheme on reply messages. Verification only good for replies. If True, the attribute AllowReplyViaEmail in the bb module must also be set to true." False

          attribute name="DigitalSignatureVerificationEnabled" description="Only allow mail to be posted to the forums with a valid digital signature. Currently not implemented." False

          attribute name="NewTopicPostingEnabled" description="If True, nukes members can post new topics to the forums through the mail. If True, CatchAllCategoryNam and CatchAllForumName must be specified. EMail can be sent to a specific forum by using a subject line with a format of [forum name] - subject." False

          attribute name="CatchAllCategoryName" description="The category name of the forum messages will be posted to that do not match an existing forum."

          attribute name="CatchAllForumName" description="The forum name messages will be posted to that do not match an existing forum."

          attribute name="UnhandledMessageForwardingEnabled" description="If True, then unhandled messages will be forwarded to the address specified for unhandledMessageForwardAddress." False

          attribute name="UnhandledMessageForwardAddress" description="Provide a mailing address to forward unhandled messages too." someone@somewhere.com

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            could you put that content in the wiki ?

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              Danny Thornton Novice

              I added a wiki for the bbmailposter module.