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    Browser Back Button (IE6) and rich:datatable


      Hello there,

      I know this topic has been mentioned on many occasions, but I'm struggling to find a solution to my specific problem. I would basically like to make sure that when the user clicks back, they see the datatable in its previous state.

      I have a page that has a number of select one menu items at the top that allow the user to filter a datatable. The table also allows the user to navigate to a selected item.

      The users will want to navigate back and forth - I know I could provide a back link that will force navigation but it's only natural that the users expect the back button to work. When it's clicked at the moment, the filters are all set to the correct values but the datatable shows the data as it was first displayed, without the filters being applied.

      I also know that I could set the expiry time on the previous page, but all that seems to do is give the user a 'this page has expired' message.

      I know that strictly it's not a JSF/RichFaces problem, and especially since it's IE6 related however we do use IE6 at the moment and we must cater for it. If anybody has any suggestions/workarounds I would love to hear them!

      Many thanks in advance, Carl