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    Download Module and Uploading/Downloading files to Server

    Danny Thornton Novice


      I asked this question before and someone mentioned they were working on updating the download module to upload/download files to the server. Has this work been checked into CVS? If not, do you think something will be checked in within the next 4 weeks? The reason I ask is because if it will take more than 4 weeks I can implement the file uploading/downloading.


        • 1. migrate IIS to J2ee based web server, then migrate .net arch
          Danny Thornton Novice

          Dear Sir/Madam:

          Our company has the software product based on the .net
          framework with the IIS middle ware. because of the
          requirement of our current market, we need to migrate
          the whole architecture to J2ee based one.

          we plan to start with changing the presentation layer
          IIS to j2ee based one. the following are the list of
          questions we need to figure out urgently. it will be
          very appreciated if you can help on these.

          1. do you think the tomcat web server a good option
          for us or the other ones?

          2. what should be the approach we should apply to
          replace the IIS only at this stage?

          3. how can we replace IIS with tomcat on windows and
          keep all the existing binaries?

          4. if the tomcat is a good option, then after
          installing the tomcat, does the apache need to be
          installed as well? if it is, why?

          5. what is the next step for us to migrate the
          architecture to j2ee based one after replace IIS with

          6. do you recommend weblogic or websphere for us at
          this stage? why?

          7. we have one staff knows only the .net architecture
          and don't know j2ee one, the other one knows only some
          of the j2ee architecture and don't know .net one. we
          want these two staff to work together to figure out a
          way to migrate from .net to j2ee in a very tight time
          frame. what can you suggest us to achieve this? what
          documentation or books we need to do this without
          recruiting additional resource?

          8. if we change the whole .net to j2ee based, what
          else we need to install, except of the tomcat? for the
          whole migration, how can we map the
          applications/components from .net to j2ee for this
          migration, like, asp.net(.net) to jsp(j2ee), iis(.net)
          to tomcat(j2ee), (sql server(.net) to oracle(j2ee)

          it will be very appreciated if you can help on the
          above as soon as you can.

          Thanks and regards!

          • 2. Re: Download Module and Uploading/Downloading files to Serve
            Thomas Heute Master

            Chasetec was the guy working on it, he got a new job and we are without news of him :(

            It's hard to say if he is working on it, plus he is busy with his website osdev.org (have a look if you are interested in OS development ;) )

            • 3. First Message Not Part of this Thread and not posted by Me
              Danny Thornton Novice

              The JBoss forums DB might have some corruption problems. The first message of this thread wasn't posted by me and isn't part of this thread.