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    bug at editing block attr - constructing

    Zbigniew Ogledzki Newbie

      Hello guys,
      I noticed some problem with org.jboss.nukes.core.modules.block.BlockModule.
      The "edit" action consturcts htmlpage to set some parameters (f.e. Title, DisplayName, etc).
      The problem is when the text field is not empty: the checkbox input field isn't correctly counstructed:
      <input type="checkbox" name="isnull" value="true" "/>
      (look closer at the last three chars).
      Mozilla parses the web page ok and shows the next "update" button, but my konqueror doesn't.
      I tried to patch it, but i found only small fix (line 281):
      - String checked = "";
      + String checked = "checked='false'";
      The effect is there is good constructed page and button "Update" is shown. But, the checkbox is always checked :(.

      I think the responsible for that is edit.render(...) in line 306, but I cannot find the place when it is done.
      Maybe anyone else can tell me where should I have a closer look?
      regards, zgibek