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    security of module at restart

    Chris Sonetti Newbie

      I use Nukes 1.1.0 on JBoss 3.2.3 using postgres database
      I've added a new theme called tema1. I've use the admin user interface to change the security of the theme module from

      Anonymous .... <original pattern>.....READ to
      All .... <original pattern> ..... READ

      and all goes right.
      When I restart jboss the security of this module are like before my modification.
      The other module retain all my modifications even after I stop and restart jboss
      So at next restart only the admin users can see the theme and all the user belonging to any other group can't see them.
      I've also tried to configure the security of the theme module from the jmx-console but the behavior is the same at the next restart.
      Someone can help me??