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    No Link to Jboss Nukes


      Hi There ,

      I am currently researching on a CMS that I can use for our company and i was considering magnolia or Jboss Nukes. Since we are considering to use EJB as part of our architectural plan, I was thinking of using Jboss, and also i would assume that Nukes would be supported tremendously, with a larger support community. I would like to know though as to why in the Jboss.org or Jboss.com website, there is no discussion or advertisement of the Jboss Product

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          Hi there again,

          I have read to some forums that Jboss wont be developing newer upgrades and version for Jboss Nukes. Is this true? Also is the Jboss Portlets the upgarded version of Jboss Nukes. Jboss Portlets = CMS ?

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            Hi Again.

            Basically i am looking for a requirement wherein user interfaces are dynamic depending on the user needs. User's are able to change the column or it's display, its sorting, labels and buttons. Possible per Client requirement and if possible per user ( workstation user). I was thinking of creating a template...of that matter...

            again many thanks!

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