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    Javascript handlers on the HTML body element cause IE to han

    alexander winizki Newbie

      Following problem:
      I have a webapp that uses RichFaces. When I call any of the pages of my webapp in IE 6 or 7, the browser hangs
      consuming 50% CPU for indefinite time and can only be killed with the task manager. In Firefox there is no problem at all.

      After some investigations I found out that the reason seems to be in the onload and onresize handlers that I have attached to the HTML body element.
      They contain among others the following lines:

      var scrollArea = document.getElementById("xyz");
       if (scrollArea) {
       scrollArea.style.height = mainAreaHeight;

      If I comment just the above lines out OR remove all richFaces elements, everything works fine again. I have another project that does not use richFaces and this feature works there without any problems.

      The purpose of the above Javascript is to enable scrolling of the main area of the page while the header area stays fixed at the top.

      Any suggestions?