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    ScrollableDataTable and tooltips

    Steve Whatmore Newbie

      Has anyone gotten the <rich:tooltip> to work in a column in a ScrollableDataTable.

      Here is my code and I can't seem to find what is wrong with it.

      <rich:column style="sdt-column-details">
       <a4j:commandButton styleClass="small-delete-button" onclick="javascript:Richfaces.showModalPanel('deleteMP')" rendered="#{selectedGroup.canBeDeleted}">
       <rich:toolTip value="Tooltip" />

      It is not a good practice to assign an ID to the parent component in a scrollable data table, so the documentation about the ID for the parent of the tooltip can't apply here (I believe).

      I seen several posts related to other table components not the scrollableDataTable and am just wondering if this is possible.

      Thanks in advance.