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    dynamicaly add html components to a HtmlOrderingList

    Fredrik Something Newbie

      Hello all. My first post here.

      I'm trying to add html components to a OrderingList threw a backingbean dynamically but I'm drawing a blank here.

      My view lookes like this

      <rich:orderingList binding="#{myBean.richComponentList}" listHeight="300" listWidth="350" />

      And in my backingBean I'm trying this:
      public HtmlOrderingList getRichComponentList() {
       //test richComponentList
       HtmlOutputText test = new HtmlOutputText();
       return richComponentList;

      I have checked all the trivial things I can think of (like that the get-method is called and that there is no misspelling and such).

      Facelets gives med this error message:
      CreateSurvey.xhtml @80,130 binding="#{myBean.richComponentList}": Exception getting value of property richComponentList of base of type : myPackage.myBean

      Anyone got a minute to help out?