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    Synchronize multiple datascroller instance

    Peter Lustig Newbie


      i have 3 datascroller instances on a page. An now i want to link the
      currently selected page (i.e. 5 is selected) to the other two datascroller instances.

      Every scroller referes to an other dataTable of course.

      So if i had selected "5" for table 1 (which is inside rich:tab label=1)
      i want the scroller which resides inside rich:tab label=2 for table 2
      to also be positioned on "5" instead of 1.

      Can anybody tell me how to do this?

      I tried pageIndexVar="pageIndex" value="pageIndex" but that didn't work.
      Or is there some option to use the same datascroller for all 3 dataTables?