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    rich:menuItem problem

    Tom Novosad Newbie


      I have a following problem and can't solve it anyway. I have rich:menuItem in my dropDown menu. This menuItem activates action what generates pdf document using Jasper Reports. It simply generates the array of bytes what I want to pul into the reponse. When I put h:commandLink inside the rich:menuItem everything goes fine. But user is not able to click on the whole surface of the menuItem. It's just possible to click on the text of the commandLink. When I don't put there the commandLink and leave the action just on the rich:menuItem, it executes the code in the bean, but then when I clicking anything else (any other commandLink or menuItem) on the form, it executes the same action again and again and still is not possible to invoke any other action on the form

      Can you please give me some advice? I would by appreciated...

      ps. I'm using RichFaces 3.1.3 GA (same problem is in the other versions)

      Thanx a lot.