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    Question about xHTML parsers

    Roberto Morales Newbie

      Hi everybody, i have a simple question if someone know the answwer please help me or refer me to some article, guide or tutorial to read about it.

      What does the xHTML parsers do in the request/response flow? I know that is parsing xHTML but need to know more about it, why is needed?, what happen if i put NONE for the xHTML parser configuration in the web.xml?, all will continue working or are there some conditions required to remove the xHTML parsers?

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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          Browser check and correct the loaded html code during the whole page update. However, this does not happen during the direct DOM update (Ajax request/response). So, this might cause the content broken, disappearance if the code is not standard compliance.
          Included into the RichFaces parsers check and correct the code. i.e. prevent the possible glitches. You can set the option to NONE. Just take the whole responsibility for the code you write.
          Read more about the possible options in the Developers Guide (Filter Configuration section)