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    Efficiency question

    Maik Hassel Newbie

      I ave a question about what the most efficient way would be to implement the following?

      I have a tree component, 3 levels deep, a togglepanel with three panels and a panelgroup with a couple of actionLinks.

      Each panel within the togglepanel contains a form - basically an editor for the entity represented by a given node.

      Whenever a node is selected, I switch to the appropriate form and fill in the values. So far so good.

      My question is: What would be the most efficient way to implement this - the one with the data being transferred from/to the server during the ajax request.

      In Theory, all I need is the form values. I Since there are only three panels, I could use client side switching on the toggle panel and switch the panel whenever a node is clicked.

      Now, my understanding is that if I say "rerender="panelA", the whole content of the panel is transferred from the server, not just the form values, the same as if I'd set axax style switching on the toggle panel. The alternative I guess would be to have a HUGE rerender=".." list containing every single form field - is this correct?

      I guess my question is: Is it possible at all (and HOW) to refresh a form with AJAX and just refresh the values, not the entire form content?