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    can not resize columns in scrollableDataTable

    paolo armando Newbie

      hi all

      i'm trying richfaces 3.1.4 demo war on Jdeveloper 11.1.1, OC4j 11.1.1 Tecnical preview 3.

      everything is ok (e.g, i can scroll in the scrollableDataTable example, the <a4jsupport> example works... ) but it looks like is missing some css. for example, I've not the header style in the scrollableDataTable, and i can not resize it, i'm not seeing the header border column. I can sort it, however. same for the tree, i can expand and collapse, , but the nodes are not indented.

      on the jboss site the examples works well. I'm using IE 6 or FiRefox 2, same behavior. I'VE NOT changed anything.