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    RMIAgent Example from JMX Book

    Michael Root Newbie

      Just want to say that the JMX book by Juha and Mark is great. I don't know if this is the correct forum for this question but here it is.

      I am having a problem running the example in this book Chapter 9, the RMIAgent example.

      I have compiled the files as specified on page 271.
      RemoteMBeanServer, MBeanServerInvoker, RMIInvocationHandler, RMIConectorConstants, RMIServerInvoker, ConnectorFactory, ConnectorException, RMIConnectorMBean, RMIConnector, MethodInvocation

      I also created the RMIServerInvoker_Stub using rmic.

      When I run the RMIAgent the error I get is ClassNotFoundException on the RMIServerInvoker_Stub.

      I am an experienced software developer that is lost. I have not had an issue running any of the other examples from the previous chapters.

      I am runing j2sdk1.4.1 with jmx1.2. I have tried from JBuilder 7 and from my own ant scripts to run RMIAgent with no luck. I have no problem compiling the project or creating the stub for the proxy.

      Any answers would be appreciated.